Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial landscaping by Waypoint Landscaping

Waypoint Landscape has a reputation for professionalism and excellence.  We are trusted, reliable and committed to our customers.  You can have full confidence in our services and in our ability to serve you and to prioritize projects.

Waypoint provides a one-year limited plant warranty that covers all plants, shrubs and trees purchased from and installed by Waypoint Landscape.  Waypoint will replace, free of charge, any plant, shrub or tree found to be defective within the terms of this warranty.

Waypoint does not cover plants that do not survive due to failure to provide normally accepted horticultural planting care and/or maintenance and does not include negligence on the part of the owner, including but not limited to lack of water or irrigation.

Waypoint provides a one-year warranty for all parts and labor on every component of an irrigation system installed by Waypoint personnel.  Failure to properly backflow and drained the system every winter to ensure there are no freeze breaks may void the warranty.

Yes, Waypoint is bondable.  USI Insurance Services, LLC is the bonding agent for Waypoint Landscape.  USI uses Lexon Insurance Company as the Surety and has a bond program of $500,000 Single / $1,000,000 Aggregate.

Waypoint carries a $1,000,000 Each / $2,000,000 Aggregate general liability insurance policy.  We carry an additional $2,000,000 umbrella liability policy and cover all of our employees under a Workers Compensation policy.